Lift-on/lift-off vessels have at least two cranes on-board to load and unload the yacht. These types of vessel are also named geared vessels.
The opposite are container ships which have no on-board cranes to load or unload your yacht, they need dockside cranes for the operations.


Flo/Flo yacht transport is mostly used for yachts over 300 tons due to the limited crane capacity on most vessels. For flo/flo transports we use semi-submersible vessels, so that your yacht can easily float in and float off. No ships or dockside cranes are needed for this kind of operationprocedures.


Out of Gauge Cargo (OOG) will be used for yachts that exceed the standard measurement of a General Purpose container. OOG cargo is normally carried on liner services in Open Top containers (OT), Flat Racks (FR), Platforms (PL) and suitable for yachts and boats up to 45ft.

Roll on/Roll off

Roll-on/Roll-off service is one of the most preferred boat transport methods for yachts with a height up to 5m and 60ft in length. After your yacht is loaded on a trailer, the boat will be towed onto the carrier and stored securely in the cargo hold of the vessel. This kind of service is very economic and guarantees no damage from weather as the boat is stored underneath the deck. Both loading and unloading operations are very quick as your boat is simply driven on and off the vessel.


Shipping your boat with a container is another preferred transport method as it is cost effective and time saving. Special loading material or forklifts are used to place your boat in the right position on the customs made cradle in the container. Container lines offer fast transit time and weekly departures on most trades. Each container can take one boat up to 40/45ft in length and maximum 8 ´- 6 “´ ´ beam, or up to 4 boats each with a maximum of 20ft in length and a beam under 8ft.