Customs clearance

To prepare the necessary customs documents before the loading of your yacht, one of our customs agents in the port will help you with the documentation.

Documents our local port agents requires for customs clearance are:

  • Certificate of registry
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of commercial invoice (for VAT purposes)


Sometimes it is not possible for you to deliver or pick up your yacht at loading or discharging port due to time limits or other circumstances. For these situations we can arrange a transfer service for you. Our connections to highly experienced skippers from around the world offers our clients the flexibility to attend the loading or unloading, or to arrange the transfer to their nearest marina by one of our skippers. For more information please contact one of our staff members.


In spite of all of our experience and diligent care from our employees and partners, sea shipping always comes with an inherent risk of damage or even loss of your yacht.
Usually, transport of your yacht is not covered by your yacht’s comprehensive insurance.
To protect you from such damage to your yacht, we urgently recommend that you take out dedicated transport insurance.
You can benefit from the extremely competitive conditions that we have been able to negotiate with the insurance companies through our partner, Adolph Jahn & Co. GmbH ( and order conclusion of a transport insurance offering an “all risks” coverage together with the transport. This transport insurance will be covered by renowned German and European insurance companies.
In the very wide-spread scope of this insurance, damage to the yacht and any loss during transport is deemed insured from the start of loading to the end of unloading.
To take out transport insurance, please complete the questionnaire and then send it to us. We will send you a fair quote promptly.
Claims will be subject to a deductible depending on the value and age of your yacht. The amount of this deductible can be requested from us at any time and is indicated in your insurance certificate.
If you have any questions about this insurance, you may contact the transport department ( of Adolph Jahn& Co. GmbH directly. They will gladly assist you. As an insurance broker, this company ensures proper coverage of the desired insurance protection and smooth processing of claims.
Expressly note that Argo Yacht Transport GmbH only mediates contact with our insurance partner regarding the transport insurance and does not act as an insurance broker, agent or mediator of Adolph Jahn & Co. GmbH here. Warranties or other representations regarding the insurance conditions or insurance scope therefore cannot be made by our company.